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Who is this course for?

This course is suited to existing blade repair technicians who..

  • want to progress their career further and enhance their with more complex repair skills
  • have passed training at another centre but don’t have been unable to secure any ‘follow on’ training that is suited to more advance repairs to support their job prospects even further
  • are required to undertake Category 4 and 5 repairs

Course Overview

This course will give you key skills to be a more knowledgeable advanced blade inspection & repair technician.

This follow on advanced course covers more intermediate theory and repair procedures. All  time will be used on mastering complex category 4 & 5 repairs. Over the course period you will build a portfolio which will involve completing industry standard reporting documentation such as photo cards, inspection & blade repair reports as well as the use of environmental condition devices. On completion you will be able to carry out more in-depth repairs to all areas of the blade, including full through hole in the blade and many many more!!

Course Format


Theory elements (20% of overall programme)

  • 3hr online e- learning blade repair refresher course
  • Material terminology
  • Complex repair work instructions
  • Blade inspection reports
  • Blade repair reports
  • Material safety data sheets

Practical elements (80%) of overall programme

  • Large/deep complex repairs to all areas of the blade
  • Clean hole through blade (once the course criteria is complete, delegates will practice before assessment and can attempt any size repair they wish including Tip & trailing edge rebuilds)